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Robes de flamenco


19-24 june 2023

About the residence

The second edition of the Compagnons Lyriques' artistic residence has taken place from June 19 to 24, 2023 in the Saintois region, south of Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle). Unlike the first edition, which focused on a creation, this one has taken up a work from the repertoire. To promote the diversity of lyrical genres and decompartmentalise the different families of opera, the Compagnons Lyriques have chosen to get involved in the promotion of zarzuela, a Spanish lyrical tradition close to comic opera, by celebrating the centenary of the creation of one of his masterpieces: Doña Francisquita. The orchestra has chosen to offer a translated and lightened version, to communicate as closely as possible the rhythm and the frenzy of this work unknown to the French public. The residency has brought together around sixty young people at Château Ernest in Tantonville during the week, and three concerts will be given: two in Tantonville and one in Nancy. 

Chef d'orchestre

The residence at a glance

Resuming an unknown masterpiece in France

Doña Francisquita : the beautiful stranger

Spain fascinates the French artistic imagination: the spontaneity and nobility of Carmen are celebrated from the national scene to the neighborhood company. But the strictly Spanish repertoire is often little known, in particular the zarzuela. No less than 20,000 works written over 4 centuries and among them, one of the most famous on the peninsula: Doña Francisquita, by Amadeo Vives, Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernández-Shaw. Access pictures of the show and the rehearsal on our networks and discover how it is a wildly original masterpiece.

Robes de flamenco

Covering the region with voice and orchestra

Leçon de flûte


Inside classrooms

To help introduce the youngest to the benefits of musical discipline, we organized short animations in the classrooms, in groups of 3 or 4 musicians demonstrating their instruments and how to play together (breathing, tempo, shade balance)


During our rehearsals

To show the youngest the image of an orchestra hard at work, we made public certain moments of rehearsal at the Ernest castle in Tantonville, in order to give a wide shot overview of the symphonic construction, with members of the association commenting the live rehearsal to decipher the course and make it as instructive a moment as possible


A pupil, a mentor

On the occasion of the music festival on June 21, we organized a participative concert composed of short pieces of chamber music and a symphonic extract prepared by integrating young instrumentalists from the region into the orchestra, each mentored by a musician from the orchestra

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